About cattery "Tavaloga"


 I started engage Siberian cats since 2007, with the appearance in my life the first Siberian male, the founder of our cattery TAVALOGA, my black pearl -

                             Baks Crown of Siberia.

Before register a cattery, I am getting 4 years of knowledge and experience from experts and felinology with great experience.

 Official registration in the system World Cat Fediration (WCF Germany) our cattery TAVALOGA received in January 2011. Our Cattery is located in Moscow, Russia.

  On our site You can discover beautiful representatives of the Siberian breed. You will see the Siberians wide variety of colors: traditional wild patterned, traditional solid colors, as well as "non-traditional" colors variete color-point, or as commonly called Siberians colorpoint - "Neva Masquerade".


 You can meet Siberians producers cattery TAVALOGA on the page Our Malees and Our Females. TAVALOGA is now one of the largest catteries Siberian cats in Moscow. In the cattery at the moment five breeding males and fifteen females. Our cattery - a collective, which means that each animal lives in a family in their own home with loving human parents. All producers cattery TAVALOGA before each mating necessarily tested for genetic diseases of the heart and kidneys (PKD & HCM), as well as for viral diseases such as Viral Immunodeficiency Cats (FIV), Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Сoronavirus (FeCoV) and others.


 Siberian kittens from cattery TAVALOGA always loved, brought up, trust people. Kids are moving in new family, being fully vaccinated and socially adapted. On the page kittens for you, you can choose a Siberian or Neva Masquerade kitten "for the home, for the soul" (by castration) or to the right to breeding cultivation.


 What grow our Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens, you can see the visited page Our graduates. Our descendants live not only in different cities of Russia, but also abroad. In Spain, Germany, UK, Poland, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Slovakia, the United States, Canada and in other countries you can meet graduates from cattery TAVALOGA.


 Our Siberian animals have excellent pedigree data that stably transmitted to the progeny. Our cats, as well as their descendants are regular participants and winners of the various systems of exhibitions in different cities and countries, with victories in the exhibitions "tavalozhan" you can find in the section shows.


 If you are interested in these stunning beauty and harmony cats and want to have in your house there was a powerful charismatic Siberian animal, we are waiting for you! We will be glad if our amicable ranks of the "tavalozhan" replenished.


Yuliya Zheleznyak - Head of TAVALOGA Cattery