News archive 2012-2013 years

11 December 2013:

Native cattery today indulged photographs graduate, son of Baks and Tayna, brother to our stellar Hosta - Hiros (Hiros ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga). Boy lives in Switzerland and is involved in the breeding program local cattery Siberian cats. Here is a luxurious, marble handsome growing! Hiros on pictured 1.5 years.

07-08 december 2013:

Grand Prix Royal Canin 2013

Congratulations to our kiddie like Nadezhda Rumyantseva said "greens" the dense siberian Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga and her favorite owner Svetulya Golubeva with successes in the ICU:

  • 4 finals
  • 2nd place in the Congress "Madame"
  • 3rd place in Monobreed Siberian show
  • 4th place in the Congress "Long"!

Girls, you step away from the Supreme Champion - the highest title for the system ICU! Keep it up!

November 9-10, 2013 :

On the International Cat Show  "Ladushki "  CLC "Alisa-Best" - Ryazan,

became winners of our Siberian cats - the daughter of the founder of our cattery TAVALOGA - Baks Crown of Siberia.


Our young star, female-cat rare black solid color O'Leksa of Tavaloga was  

BEST OPPOSITE KITTEN  in the second day of the show !

Congratulations to Leksa's owner Julia Stepanova with her first show and the first BeST !

But the little girl just 3.5 months ! We are proud of you and wish you further success !


Well, our star , female wild forest color, favorite , unique Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga, was triumphant exhibition:

- BEST of BEST-II of the first day ,

- II- place WCF-ring adults ( 24 animals) ex.T.Esina,

- Best Female Adult monobreed show Siberian cats  ex.T.Ermolaeva 

- Best Female Adult & BEST of BREED on show of native cats breeds T.Esina

- BEST of BEST-I of the second day of the show !

I congratulate heartily Svetlana Golubeva with a stunning success!

Deserve to win the magnificent Siberian beast ! We are happy for you and very proud of the successes dear daughter !

Photos from the show will be a little later

O'Leksa of Tavaloga SIB n
O'Leksa of Tavaloga SIB n
Hosta-ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga
Hosta-ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga


November 2-3, 2013:

On the International cat show "CATS FORUM -2013"  CLC Zoomir,

our Siberian girl HOSTA ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga became

- Best of Breed Female on Monobreed Show Siberian,  

- 9th place  on WCF-ring  adults in competition of 41 animals of all breeds!Congratulations to our forest beauty, as well as her beloved mistress, Svetlana!

Girls, keep it up!


May 18-19, 2013:

At the International Cat Show  "FOREST-CAT SHOW" Baks's daughter -


  • Has received the title Grand Inter Champion ICU
  • 1st place - BEST of Congress Ring Female (A.Savin)
  • 1st place - BEST of BREED SP.SIB-SHOW (S.Ivanova)
  • Got into 4 finals
  • Became the best adult of Siberian cat on ICU system by results of show!

 I congratulate heartly the owner of our girl - Svetlana Golubeva

with magnificent results!



April 6-7, 2013:

In the exhibition "Sodruzhestvo 2013" on system ICU our graduate

Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga became the first best Siberian adult animals,

as well as the fifth best adult animals of all breeds! Hurray!

Congratulations to our Siberian lady with magnificent achievements in 11 months! Keep it up!


February 16-17, 2013:

International Cat Show  Club "RosKosh"


Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga

  • NomBIS * 2
  • BEST JUNIOR monobreed show Siberians (expert I.Shustrova)   


February 09-10, 2013:

International Cat Show in memory of Lyudmila Esina (club Korgorushi),

Reutov Moscow Region

Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga

  • BEST Junior (show siberian cats, expert Olga Mironova)
  • BEST of BREED (show siberian cats, expert Olga Mironova)
  • WCFring-VII place  
  • NomBIS * 2 days  
  • Best Junior Female SLH & Best Opposite Sex Junior


January 26-27, 2013:

International Cat Show "Felina Belissima", held IFC Felis,

our success at the graduate, Siberian cat junior

Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga!

  • NomBIS,
  • II-WCF ring young (from 37 cats) the first day, expert O.Abramova
  • X-WCF ring young (from 40 cats) of the second day, expert N.Flegontova

Congratulations to our little girl and her wonderful hostess Svetlana with a victory!


December 15-16, 2012:

Our cats have won third monobreed show Siberian cats

"Siberian Miracle 2012" OLSK Moscow.
Two of our breeding females have participated in an exhibition in the junior class

(animals aged up to 6ti reached the 10 months).
Congratulations to the success of owners and breeders!


 Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga (SIB n2409 )7,5 months

  • Nom Best In Show both days of the show (judge N.Lebedeva, I.Shustrova)
  • WCF-Ring young III place (judge I.Shustrova)


Halisa ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga (NEM n2133) 7,5 months

  • Best In Variety (best junior in the ring Siberian cats colors seal-tabby-point and blue-tabby-point), the expert N.Lebedeva
  • Best Junior monopedigree show Siberian cats color-point (Neva Masquerade), an expert I.Shustrova
  • Nominant Best In Show both days of the show (judges A.Izmalkova & I.Shustrova)
  • Nominant Alternative Best (siberian breeders choice)
  • WCF-Ring Young IV place (judge I.Shustrova)


November 25, 2012: 

Our young Siberian female Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIB n2409 at the international show of cats "Star of 2012" was the BEST JUNIOR monobreed show Siberians! and also was nominated for Best In Show! (judges and I.Shustrova T.Bakalova)!


November 10, 2012:

Graduate of our cattery, the daughter of Baks - Siberian female Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIBn2409  on breeding show of OLSK 10 November 2012 was the BEST JUNIOR!!! (judges and I.Shustrova T.Sapozhnikova)

Congratulations to our star is growing up,

as well asher owner Svetlana and breeder Natalia!
Keep it up! I wish to Hosta only a victory!