December 2014

December 20-21, 2014

Specialty show Siberian cats OLSK

Our Manyunya (Rashmi of Tavaloga) became Best in Variette & Best of Breed at the show Siberian cats Solid colors group, expert Olga Mironova. As our doll was nominated for Best In Show both days of the show. Congratulations our little girl and wish to continue the successful show career.

6-7 December 2014

The largest exhibition of cats in the world "Sodruzhestvo Grand Prix Royal Canin"


URAAAA !!! our young starlet  Siberian color-point female Rashmi Tavaloga got the title JuniorChampion  and became TOP-3 of system ICU !!!!!


Our favorite Black Man - Baks Crown Siberia closed just two titles - Champion ICU and International Champion ICU, became the fifth best animal in Congress "Long", became a double 1th best in breed and participated in two finals.

Young male Raj of Tavaloga participated in three finals in the system ICU, closed title Junior Champion, as well as he became 5th in Congress "Male Kittens".

Forest Beauty Hosta of Tavaloga in competition both days was nominated for Best in Show.


Congratulations native cattery TAVALOGA to the breeders of our animals with large and small victories, well done!

November 2014

November 10, 2014

We got a photo greetings from Slovakia from our graduates, Siberian cat black color Gerda of Tavaloga SIBn. Dominica, thank you so much for the photos daughter of our Baks. Gerda has become more like her father. Proud of our graduate!

October 2014

November 8-9, 2014 Exhibition club "Dennis"

(Experts: N.Flegontova, M.Zhuravleva, Ya.Melnikova)

Our Star Hosta (HOSTA ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIBn2309) again successfully completed the exhibition:

- Best Female Shaw native breeds

- Best Opposite Sex SLH 1st day

- 1st place - WCF ring ADULT

- BEST of BEST-2  2nd day

Svetulya, congratulations, well done! Native cattery is proud of you!

26-27 October. Moscow. WCF. "Golden Autumn -2014" CLC "RosKosh"

(Experts: M. Litvina, A.Nazarova, Ya.Melnikova, L.Vyugina)

Congratulations Svetulya Golubev and our Star Hosta

(Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga) with victories!

- Both days NomBIS, the first day Best lost by lot

- BEST of BEST II second day

- VI - WCF ring Adult (out of 60 animals)

So keep girls, nice and evenly go!


October 11-12, 2014

Moscow. WCF. Anniversary Exhibition Club "Astra"

Our Star - Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIB n2309
Day 1:
Best Opposite Sex SLH
WCF-ring Adult - I place (Anna Nazarova) of 40 animals
PS: Recently, it has been surprisingly and damn nice!

Day 2:
Jubilee WCF-ring Adult - II place (experts Natalia Lebedeva, Anna Nazarova, Tatiana Esina)
WCF-ring Adult - X place (Natalia Lebedeva)

September 2014

September 13-14, 2014 Moscow. WCF. MFC "FELIZ"

Our graduate Hosta, Siberian traditional wild color, was the best cat in the SLH group of the exhibition - Best Opposite Sex SLH both days, as well as 7 and 10 took place on WCF-ring adults from experts Abramova and J.Hanson respectively. Congratulations to our girl and Svetulya with success! Well done!

July 2014

29 July 2014:

To us came good news: Our graduate CH Noi of Tavaloga achieved

Congratulations to his owner Amanda, as well as breeder Maria Nechay with the successful start   show-career. Good luck to our boy!

May 2014

17-18 May 2014:
"FOREST-SHOW-2014" (WCF & ICU), Moscow

Congratulations to my forest siberian daughter!


On System WCF:

  • Best Female, Best Adult, BEST OF BREED ring "Show Forest Cat" (Siberians, Maine Coons, Kuril Bobtails), Judge Irina Guseva.
  • 5th place WCF-ring adults, Judge Irina Gorinova
  • BEST OPPOSIT SEX SLH second day!

On System ICU:

  • BEST OF BREED(1place)on Monobreed Show Siberian cats,Judge P.Gorelkina
  • 4 finals
  • 9th place Congress of "Long", Kurkovski.

April 2014

17-18 May 2014:

International Cat Show WCF in g.Vik, Spain

Congratulations Marial and our young Siberian beauty Noia

with the first successes in the adult class!

  • CAC * 2
  • WCF-Ring Adult - 8th place

5 - 6 April 2014:
International Cat Show "1001 cat" (WCF), "Alisa-Best" - Ryazan

Congratulations to Julia Stepanova and our black-panter,
siberian girl - O'Leksa of Tavaloga (SIBn) with good results!

Outcome of the exhibition:
- 8 in the ring of young (I.Kondrateva)
- Nom BIS both days (experts T.Sapozhnikova I.Kondrateva)

February 2014

15 - 16 February 2014 :

Exhibition system ICU " Loving Cats"
Excellent system debuted on our ICU yuniorochka ,
black princess - O'Leksa of Tavaloga (SIBn).Congratulations Yulyasha Stepanova and Leksa first successes with the new system for them !

Outcome of the exhibition:
- Closed title Junior Champion ICU
- 6 finals
- 9th place in the Congress "Kittens" (males & females)

Congratulations to our graduate , siberian traditional , ruddy Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga with the closing of the highest titles on the system ICU - SUPRIME CHAMPION!!!!

Outcome of the exhibition:
- Closure of the highest title Suprime Champion ICU
- 6 finals
- 1st place in the Congress "Female"
- 6th place in the Congress "Long"

Svetulya Golubeva , I congratulate you on these achievements , much effort you put into a career Hostyashi , you deserve this beautiful finale! I congratulate you, my dear girl with a wonderful result!

January 2014

January 25, 2014:
Russia, Tula, CLC "Confetti" (MFA)

Today our graduate , black solid Siberian girl O'Leksa of Tavaloga first participated in an exhibition by the MFA system . Baby girl just over a week ago turned six months and so she went from class to class young kittens cats ( juniors ) in age from 6 to 10 months . Of course our girl was seriously sopenichat with older juniors , but it is a good sport and was able to act with dignity . Leksyusha received excellent reviews Expert 3 ratings JCAC ie completed the title of Junior Champion MFA , took fifth place in monobreed show Siberian cats and also was nominated for Best In Show! Congratulations to my daughter and her owner Julia Stepanova and wish the girls every success ! We are proud of you !

January 5, 2014:

Yesterday visited visiting Neva Masquerade son Bax and Felicita - Maestro Tavaloga office, here is a handsome luxury grows, Maestro pictured 6 months. More pictures in the gallery Maestro, the gallery can be accessed from the page Studs.
Thank you very much masters Maestro - Irina and Alexander for their care and love for our sweet boy!