December 2016

10-11 December 2016

I can not resist, I congratulate Anne-Claude and our beautiful son, Siberian cat traditional black marble color, the owner of the highest title - World Champion WCF,

Hiros ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIBn22, on show in Mortagne au Perche, nom Best in Show, Best in Show and BEST OF BEST !!!! We are proud of the child! Hiros, you're beautiful!

3-4 December  2016

Grand Prix Royal Canin, Moscow, MFA


Our young graduate Daryana (Dar'yana-ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga), Siberian Junior traditional color debuted at Moscow's largest exhibition of cats.

5th place on show Siberian cats

CACJ * 2, Nom.BIS

Congratulations Olga Baranova and Daryasha with first successes!

October 2016

04-05 October 2016 

MVK "Golden Cat 2016" Moscow 04-05.11.2016

W.Ch. Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIBn2309

- Best Female & BEST of BREED on Show

"Native breeds" Pride of Russia (ex. Olga S. Mironova)

- 1-place WCF ring SLH & LH Breeds (ex. Irina Guseva)

- Nom.Bis * 2 (ex. Olga S.Mironova & Inna Shustrova)

- Best Op.SEX - Both days


September 2016

New photos our male - Triumph of Tavaloga SIB ns2403

03-04 September 2016

World exhibition of cats on system WCF Russia, Essentuki

World Cats Show WCF, Russia, Essentuki:

Our Star - Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIB n2309 -

closed the highest title by system WCF - WORLD CHAMPION !!!!

Nominated for Best In Show both days in competition

Best Female & BEST of BREED on Monobreed show Siberian cats (T.Sapozhnikova)

Best Female on Forest Show ( A.Nazarova)

Hosta was the 4-th graduate of our cattery TAVALOGA having the highest title of WCF World Champion. CONGRATULATIONS! Hooray!!!!.

July 2016

Please enjoy future breeding female - young Siberian girl Veresk Line*RU Igrushka of Tavaloga SIB fs24.


We express our gratitude for our girl her human mother, Ekaterina Chubasova.


Igrushka possessor the magnificent breed fantastic silver color and wonderful temperament. Very soon on our website will be her page.

June 2016


25-26 june 2016 "Kanikuly Bonifaciya" OLSK, Moscow

Our Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIB n2309
- со вторым САСМ (остался 1 шаг до заветного Чемпиона Мира!) 
- Best Female & Best Adult  Monobreed SHOW SIBERIAN CATS
- VI wcf-ring Adult 
- Best Opposite Sex 2го дня

March 2016


12-13 march 2016, Belarus, Minsk, Union Cats 


Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga SIB n2309
Tabby Show - Best Female 
Forest Show - Best Female 

 05 march 2016

From wonderful St. Petersburg came to us aliments child born from our Siberian male- Lanselot.

I present to you the Siberian male in stunning type and spectacular color black smoke bicolor SIBns03- VinniMur Xerxes of-Tavaloga.

This guy from the first seconds won the love of us, his good character, faithfulness and indescribable charisma could not leave us indifferent.

Katya Nikolaeva, thank you for the great grown, absolutely fearless guy.


February 2016

Came photos of our graduate Truffle of Tavaloga SIBn  (Parents: OLeksa of Tavaloga SIBn & Lanselot Courageous Knight of Tavaloga SIBds2403)

from Italy. Thank you Elena Chemogina for the love and care of our boy.

We are pleased to observe his development. He is awesome!

News came from the United States by our graduates Yolanta of Tavaloga, Siberian female color black solid. Thanks for the great photo of our girl! In these photos Yolanta is 9 months old.

January 2016

23-24 January 2016

News from Switzerland, came. photos of our graduate Hiros ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga, color black classic tabby. Photos taken at the World Exhibition in Italy, Monza, where our boy opened the title of WCF World Champion, was the 3rd in a WCF Master-Ring and the 9th in a show of Siberian cats, and was also nominated for Best in Show. Congratulations to his wonderful owner Anne-Claude! We are pleased to Hirose success and very proud of him!